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A personal training, blog and exercise programs website offering my coaching services, and sharing boxing and exercise video and written tutorials. The video tutorials are embedded into blog posts to complement the written content. The blog posts are exercise guides that are then archived in the articles section.

I am then selling viewers onto paying for my content.

To do this I am using an eCommerce Paid Membership feature – the membership integrates with my websites content-rich blog, controlling and restricting content based on a users membership level.

It is a fully automated system. The signup, the invoicing, and the receipts all gets emailed to the buyer automatically with little to no work on my part. Besides creating the website / blog content of course.

But before all of this, I use a bit of a sales funnel or ‘landing page’ to sell my membership to viewers.

To market the website I place the link in the description box of my YouTube videos or watermark them with it to drive traffic.

Very briefly, that is how it works.

The site itself scores well on page speed ranking benchmarks, it weights no more than 1.8mb in size despite containing 15 images on the front page. Images are sized and compressed just the right amount.. a little too much and you lose quality, too little compression and the page loads slowly. I’ve seen many website jobs where the web designer gladly takes their clients money, quickly puts together something eye catching but puts no thought at all into the websites page speed.

The website is also secure, it limits login attempts of users trying to login by temporarily blocking their ip, and eventually permanently blocking an ip address. Because hackers may use computer software that performs what is called brute force hacking. This method follows an operation where an infinite number of passwords and usernames are tested, so if you have no way to limit logins and detect this then their software will eventually decode your website and inject malicious code.

But with this security tool users are blocked after a certain number of failed attempts. 

There are many other hacking prevention methods used on my website which I wont go into detail on.

Next, let talk about the payments feature – browsing the website and payments are encrypted with a security certificate to protect the buyer’s credit details and their privacy.

All posts are search engine optimized… I could go on and on about this website job but to get to the point –

Designing a pretty site is one thing, tweaking its backend for performance is another – if you need a properly configured website, get in touch with me.

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